Get a FASTA file of Morex Barley BACs v4.1
Muņoz-Amatriain et al. 2015. Sequencing of 15,622 gene-bearing BACs clarifies the gene-dense regions of the barley genome. The Plant Journal 84: 216-227

Get a FASTA file of Assembled Cowpea WGS Sequences v0.03
NCBI Accession MATU00000000

Get a FASTA file of Cowpea BACs v4.2
NCBI Accessions AC270865-AC275219

Get a FASTA file of Barley Genome 0.05 Sequences

Get a FASTA file of Barley Transcriptome 0.02 Sequences

Get a FASTA file of Portions of 91x LG

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Blast Against Cowpea Transcriptome  (noble.org)
Ref: The Vigna unguiculata Gene Expression Atlas (VuGEA) from de novo assembly and quantification of RNA-seq data provides insights into seed maturation mechanisms

Example of Polymorphic Cowpea Markers  Select two genotypes and see what markers are polymorphic.

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